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Yilong plays baseball what is Yilong's real level

2022-06-30 14:03Korean baseball team
Summary: What is the level of Yilong? What does the champion of Sanda think of himWhat is the real level of Yilong? Let's take a look at how the two professional Sanda champions evaluate Yilong's level.
What is the level of Yilong? What does the champion of Sanda think of him
What is the real level of Yilong? Let's take a look at how the two professional Sanda champions evaluate Yilong's level. The first champion of professional Sanda is Yilong's good brother - death convenience. Although the two are brothers, the convenient statement is also more objective: Yilong has played so many games, but he is not powerful. But heHow powerful is monk Yilong in playing the game? He kicked directly with one foot
Yilong has a lot to learn. As a monk, Yilong should keep a humble attitude. He should not say he is strong when he wins the competition. This has also added a lot of fame to the Shaolin templYilong plays baseball  what is Yilong's real levele where Yilong is located. No matter what the original intention of the competition, Yilong won a lot of applause and encouragement after participating in the Wulin style competition, and lostHow many times has Yilong won and how many times has Yilong lost
Then the two sides entered the fight, and boqiu knocked Yilong to the ground. From the situation on the court, boqiu was dominant in this round, and the boxing and foot combination was explosiveIs Yilong still playing
In the future, there will still be competitions, but there should be fewer and fewer high-level athletes. He has stopped playing for a long time. It has been more than one year and two years. Second, Yilong is nearly 40 years old. When athletes enter this stage, they are usually about to retireYilong has different opinions in China. What does Yilong look like in the eyes of foreignYilong plays baseball  what is Yilong's real levelers
He has won the championship in the general meetings held by various Wulin styles, and his record is very excellent. Combining traditional Chinese martial arts and boxing, he used to climb to the devil city in Xinjiang to practice boxing, and expounded the concept of "fearing natural forces", which is deeply loved by the majority of boxing fans. Domestic evaluation of Yilong variesWhy did Yilong lose tonight? Mingming Yilong hits Bo Qiu many times, but he hardly hits him
Not before. I was worried that Yilong had played a lot. He was not a professional, nor was he strong enough. Therefore, there is no suspense about the success of broadcasting, and it is almost useless. You can check the video before the broadcast, and the broadcast on the Internet kicked off the thick trees in ThailandZhuyilong and anyuexi are on the same stage. Is zhuyilong in a satin baseball uniform so handsome that he can't stop it
Moreover, zhuyilong is handsome in a satin baseball uniform. The fabric can correct the color. The deep earth color and shiny silk fabrics immediately become advanced, which will not make peoYilong plays baseball  what is Yilong's real levelple feel vulgar. The design of satin baseball uniform: baseball uniforms are called baseball uniforms only when they have sports elements. If they are all pure colors, they are the most popularYilong vs. Baoqiu who won
Yilong's strategy is to fight with fists, hoping that the continuous heavy fists will be cold. In the first round, Yilong hit a lot of consecutive heavYilong plays baseball  what is Yilong's real levely punches, but the pressure of heavy punches was relieved by good internal skills, which directly led to his lack of physical strength in the second and third rounds, and then he was suppressed in the second roundDoes Yilong really have kung fu? Is it true that he broke five baseball bats
In the video, Yilong quoted a classic clip of Huo Yuanjia's Kung Fu practice as played by Jet Li. It was that huoyuanjia asked his disciples: can you stop this fist for 20 years? At the same time, Yilong broke five baseball bats in a row, showing extremely strong destructive power. Below the videoWhy did Yilong give up defense? Did Yilong fake boxing in the competition with American players
Or Yilong's fake boxing. Otherwise, there is no reason for this. Even if he has a golden bell jar, iron head skill can't be like this. Because a martial artist knows whether he can withstand such a blow when he gets the first blow. If he can't, he will dodge or protect his head with both hands, instead of being hit by anyone like a sandbag
Yilong plays baseball what is Yilong's real level

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