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2022-06-26 02:45Chinese baseball team
Summary: The grand finale of "DeLuna Hotel" is coming. Which of the many IU costumes do you like best_ BaiduWhen writing characters, the screenwriter also created very interesting characters, especially
The grand finale of "DeLuna Hotel" is coming. Which of the many IU costumes do you like best_ Baidu
When writing characters, the screenwriter aIU baseball caplso created very interesting characters, especially the heroine IU, who made an amazing appearance from her debut. She was wearing a purple dress, carrying a gun on her shoulder and a black hat on her head. Such a combination of shapes really gave IU a high sense of sophistication. After the druna hotel is overIU "blackening" staged a costume change show, why did the retro wear burst
IU's retro feeling in the play is not only shaped by clothes, but also by accessories. Every suit in the play is matched with hats, earrings, necklaces and even gloves, which are perfectly matched from head to toe. There are dozens of styles of hats alone, with different shapes and full of retro styleMany boys like IU's appearance. Do you think she looks good
Some small accessories are also IU's favorite, such as warm and fashionable knitted woolen hats, which are super easy to match with clothes. They are simply necessary items for wearing concave shapes in winter. Knitted hats of different colors, coupled with clothes of corresponding styles, will also create a completely different feeling. They are highly plastic and easy to matchWhat fashion hats do stars wear in winter
Winter fashion hat not only keeps you warm, but also adds highlights to your winter clothing. Let's take a look at whaIU baseball capt hats Korean stars wear. Beret IU IU's bangs and black woolen Beret are well matched, which can not only show IU's unique sense of playfulness and loveliness, but also show the image of a ladyIn IU's new play "Hotel De Luna", what accessories make you excited
In addition to white bowler hats, IU also has black bowler hats and mesh hats. The matching of these hats is also very good-looking. It can only be said that there are too many good-looIU baseball capking accessories in the DeLuna Hotel, and each episode has new accessories that are exciting! When the play is overHow to distinguish the true and false MLB hat
Lighsowniuadopted: 6 praised: 8808 lv4 good at: no customized private letter to TA for the time being. TA unfolds all fabrics. The real MLB hat is made of woolHow cute is IU Lizhen when he changes his pure image and challenges the dog to bite the bangs
Although there are not many colors, the richness is still very good. Red dots and thick red and white stripes are chaotic and orderly. Black shoes and socks match on the feet and echo with the top and bottom of the hat. Plush leather shoes are cool and cute. Remove heavy bangs and leave only high gloss and straight hair. IU becomes more pure and clean to wearWhy was Naza killed by the Korean goddess IU who was 1 year younger when she was wearing sportswear
IU on the red carpet chose to wear a white lace dress. The design of the princess's fluffy sleeves and low cut square collar between the neckline is very popular recently. It has a little sexy and cIU baseball capute feeling! The dress is made of double-layer fabric, with white silk inside and white printed lace outside. The sleeve skirt is designed with a single layer, highlighting the spirit of IU and the waistIU hat worn by the producer
Amusement park hat: 。What do Korean stars do in private
Her untidy hair made her look hurried. Curie is a handsome girl with a motorcycle. It's fashionable to dye your hair with gradients. T-ara Curie front desk check in, smiling at the camera. It's fashionable to dye your hair with gradients. T-ara member's Royal Blue Baseball cap is the finishing touch, because no matter how messy the hair is
IU baseball cap

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